SuperChartBoy is the Solution for WordPress Comparison Charts.

Here's the deal: comparison charts make money. It's proven, comparison charts improve your conversion rate. Right before buying, when users look for product reviews, a comparison chart is the easiest way to close the sale. With SuperChartBoy, you can build high-quality comparison charts that sell in minutes.

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Jorge C., A.M.
"This blows every other WordPress plugin out of the water. I don't mean other 'charts' plugins. Every other plugin period. This is Mark's finest stuff."

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  • 45-day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee
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Extensive Video Tutorials

SuperChartBoy comes with a collection of clear, high quality video tutorials, explaining in detail each part of the user interface, and walking you through creating and managing your first tables. On top of the video tutorials, SuperChartBoy comes with a PDF guide that explains how each little detail works.

100% Customizable

With SuperChartBoy, you can have a chart online in 30 seconds — but if you want, SuperChartBoy comes with hours of customization possibilities. From one-click theme changes to deciding how each individual component fits together to make a whole chart, to full CSS themes and easy-to-build custom chart components, we cover all levels of customizability

Increase Conversions

Our tests with even the simplest of comparison charts can increase your conversion rate by a factor of ten or more. That's money in your pocket. Set up SuperChartBoy on a site and watch the conversion rate skyrocket.

Get Started Immediately

SuperChartBoy is delivered instantly, even if you order at 3:36 AM. We accept PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and more.

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Thanks for your interest, but SuperChartBoy is currently in beta.

For now, the only way to get your hands on SuperChartBoy is to be a customer of MyReviewPlugin. MyReviewPlugin customers get a free license to SuperChartBoy which can be downloaded from the download recovery area.

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